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Welcome to our new chat random. We offer speed from the first second. Spend more time chatting and less waiting. We have always looked for quality in our chats. This is the reason we have always tried our best to allow users of mobile devices to access all our videochat erotica roulette. We do not like what happens in other versions of chats, where the versions of mobile and desktop are completely different. In most current chat systems there are two differentiated chat systems. One system is for mobile users and another is for desktop users.

This prevents many users from meeting each other, since they are not connected to the same chat server. In our chat, all the users videochat erotica roulette connected to the same chat server.

This way all the users are able to chat with any user connected to the site. This is great in terms of online users. In the 90s, IRC chats were the only ones available.

And these chats were very popular despite the poor implementation of the internet at homes. An installable chat client was required, the most popular was MyIRC.

Furthermore, you also needed an IRC server address to connect to the chat and it was difficult videochat erotica roulette find out some of the IRC server addresses. This is the reason it was difficult to get a high number of users connected to the same server. The requirement to download a chat client, videochat erotica roulette with videochat erotica roulette fact that it was difficult to use, made possible videochat erotica roulette web chats well before the year One of the first webchat to be launched was the LatinChat from StarMedia.

Videochat erotica roulette LatinChat was an icon of webchats at that time and it was the precursor of other popular chats such as the Yahoo chat, or the AOL chat. This web chat, like so many others of the time, had its limitations due to the limited available technology.

Going ahead, we are in the early s years where MSN Messenger was the undisputed companion of communication with friends. Did you remember chatting in an online chat and meeting a nice person in a private window? But suddenly, you had to disconnect to the chat because it was late, your parents arrived…. Did you remember doing that? You did that for sure!

MSN Messenger was like a plugin in online chats to add users to your friend list. It was always nice to engage in private conversations with chat users that in many cases led to a friendship. As a result, when a chat user disconnects, he or she is maybe lost forever. Every user of the chats knew that when spending a lot of time chatting with someone, it was time videochat erotica roulette you to ask for their MSN. A Hotmail address to add to your MSN Messenger friend list was a completely treasure at the time being.

Adding an user to your friend list was the key to keeping track of the user and not losing contact. The webcam feature was the perfect complement meeting a stranger in an online chat. The launch of random chats changed videochat erotica roulette way we communicated online for several years. Random chats joined IRC chat and webcam chat in one. Most importantly, removing the hassle of asking an user for an e-mail and having to install something on your computer.

It seems like Omegle was the first one creating a random chat, while others give attribution to another website. It is unclear who was the first to think the original idea of the random chat. It seems like Omegle started as a random text chat, giving you the opportunity of chat with strangers. Soon after that, Omegle added the feature of videochat erotica roulette VideoChat to its website. SinceOmegle has been providing random chat and videochat for users all around the world.

Some other sites have joined the random chats such as ChatRandom. We are talking about it in our VideoChat page. As the history goes on, we have a dedicated page about VideoChat in another post. Here you have some basic guidelines so that your experience in the random chat videochat erotica roulette the best possible:.

We got you covered! Mobile users are not able to chat with desktop users and vice versa In most current chat systems there are two differentiated chat systems. The history of the random videochat erotica roulette In the 90s, IRC chats were the only ones available.